Itemupdating e accomodating students with disabilities

Metadata and/or bitstream content changes in the primary system can be exported to the simple archive format to be used by Item Update to synchronize the changes.A note on terminology: item refers to a DSpace item.

Wictor Wilén explains this process in his excellent article on ‘How to provision Share Point 2010 Managed Metadata columns’.

metadata element refers generally to a qualified or unqualified element in a schema in the form and occasionally in a more specific way to the second part of that form.

metadata field refers to a specific instance pairing a metadata element to a value.

This is something I haven’t seen covered anywhere else so in this article I’ll have a detailed look at how the managed metadata field functionality works so that we can correct these problems when creating list definitions that use managed metadata fields.

When we add a managed metadata column through the UI Share Point creates two fields: Additionally two event receivers are added to the list if they are not there already.