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In the 30s and 40s they were very popular.' According to a recent report, there are an estimated 44million pets living in Italy - 7.5million of them cats.Despite their popularity, however, around 150,000 animals are abandoned each year by their owners and there are at least 73,000 annual reports of mistreatment or abuse.

She said her reason for wearing them was 'for faith and to make a statement', according to the Daily Express.

but what we see on his TV is very close to what he is.” He added: “I interviewed someone who worked on his channel and he said Berlusconi hates the colour green, therefore they never had green as the colour of the backdrop.” Videocracy is distributed by the independent company Fandango, which was behind the acclaimed 2008 Naples gangster film Gomorrah.

An Italian TV chef has been suspended after he horrified animal lovers and station chiefs by praising the delights of cat meat during a show.

While cat meat is illegal in Italy, it is a popular winter dish throughout China and much of South East Asia.

The row comes in advance of tomorrow's World Cat Day.