Italian dating search engines

Not so good, according to metrics like bounce rate and pages per visit that Paolo used in order to have a first raw “quality analysis.” Bounce rate from social is usually very high, and the time per visit and pages per visit numbers are much lower than the numbers from search engines.With these statistics, is it possible to represent the larger influence of social versus the use of search in Italy?In Italy, Google is not the only current search engine.In fact, there are international search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Ask; and "national" search engines, such as Virgilio, Arianna, and Tiscali.

The data collected by Paolo clearly show us how users are progressively moving from the old classic "one-word query" to more sophisticated middle and long-tail keywords.Social media is now part of a completely mainstream environment ( 1768%).But the data collected via Shiny Stat shows us that around October 2011, the referral traffic from social media had a dramatic boost.He used this data to paint a picture of what search and Internet usage in Italy has looked like over the last few years.The data samples Paolo worked with include: As we can see from the chart above, organic search is constantly increasing.