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Does it count as news when a Jewish man assaults a Jewish woman?The other glaring issue is the way the article constructs the Jewish women who are at risk of assault.Dov Katz, head of the computer vision and machine learning group at Facebook-owned Oculus, has been charged in King County for attempted commercial sexual abuse of a minor.The 38-year-old tech exec allegedly attempted to contact what he believed to be was a 15-year-old girl for sex.The country's giving the It girls in the US a run for their money, and the bloggers who live there have Instagram feeds that'll blow you away.Many of the up-and-coming writers, market directors, and stylists we rounded up hail from Tel Aviv, a metropolitan area filled with power women on the go.YOU WERE MY CUP OF TEA BUT I DRINK CHAMPAGNE NOW 🍸🍸🍸🍸 | Second l👀k of my styling protect for #athlesure - ALL DAY EVERY DAY by #adidas | Top @parlez_vous_ | hair @udishor | makeup @karincohenmakeup | ph @vira_k | @adidasisrael | @adidasoriginals | 👠 @topshop_il A photo posted by YA SALAM FASHION BLOG (@yasalamfashionblog) on New York may be known as the fashion capital of the world and Paris may be a city full of ladies with a knack for mastering polished yet effortless looks.

“The Ramadan tourists who obtain permits to pray take trips to Tel Aviv.

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There is the obvious, Jim Crow era logic also that Jewish women couldn’t possibly be interested in Palestinian men (as was and sometimes still the response in US) so every interaction between Palestinian men/Jewish women must be an aggressor/victim situation and not one of mutual desire.

Just wondering about the flip side – where are there reports of Jewish men attacking or sexually harrassing Palestinian women (except by past and present posters here making sexually aggressive remarks about Palestinian women)?