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But the Mercury had no choice given the salary cap situation and perhaps Cappie's demands made a really difficult decision just a bit easier.

Diana Taurasi’s Phoenix Mercury are off to a 4-3 start this season, but the biggest news has surrounded their legendary point guard.

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This trade will obviously upset a lot of people in Phoenix but I am good with it.What's most interesting about this trade, aside from how it will impact the game, was that both main players asked out of their current situations.You don't normally see these kinds of demands being honored let alone having everything fall into place so nicely for all involved.Defensively, while the rover zone might be better than it was, I wonder if Diana and Penny will have the foot speed to match-up on the perimeter against top wing scorers like a Cappie Pondexter.Teams that are patient and move the ball well can still end up with a mismatch and like all zone defenses, there will be seams that can be exploited.