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I saw my dad looking upset and confused, I told him that I couldn't live with those feelings that I have for many years.

I thought my dad would get up and walk away angry and disappointed, but instead I felt his arm around me and carousing me.

So I started to keep it to only fantasizing about it while i masturbate myself and looked on the net for daughter/dad incest porn.

I even started reading about incest fantasies with pregnancy wishes, those stories turned me really on.

It was the best day in my life and of course it didn't stayed to one time.

My father admitted to me that he also enjoyed it a Lott, and so we having sex once a week at my place.

He told me that he was indeed shocked and surprised but also understood full.

He told me that he wasn't angry at me and he new about this Oedipus complexity.

I gave him again an kiss but this time a little bit longer and saw that he even closed his eyes,again I pressed my lips to his lips and took the risk by putting out mine tong and touch his lips,he opened his mouth and we actually started french kissing.When I was 18 I noticed that I still had lots of feelings for my father, even a crush.I tried to block it out and even thought about finding psychological help,but I was embarrassed to talk about it.I would also like to learn her name if at all possible. 2 Comments I had for a long time feelings for my dad, started when I was 13.In the first place I thought I was sick and later on I read on the internet about this Oedipus complex. When I started dating guys I still had fantasies about my father from time to time.