Internet dating email questions

Also most likely yes you are right about not having social skills.

They seem the type to be amazed that online dating can actually lead to an offline relationship and will either lead you on or not show interest.

Asking questions is so darn basic and I agree with you.

Does this mean that they probably aren't interested or have poor social skills? Women should send the first email more than just sometimes, but I'm not getting into that here.When I'd send a first message, and got nothing but a reply to my comment, or question, without any open-ended remark or some sign indicating he'd be happy to hear back from me.... Sometimes, after a day or two, they'd initiate a message....sometimes not. How exactly is it that you feel slighted if guys do NOT ask you questions? Hell, one I even asked if there was anything she wanted to know, since at the time we were talking my profile was pretty sparse, nothing from her.If you've got something to say that matters, open your mouth and share it. Seems plenty of people don't want to do anything more than mindless chit chat.This factoid, coupled with the fact you have an advanced degree, is going to create a modest amount of frustration.Given that we're on a free dating website you're going to encounter everything from ditch-diggers, to surgeons, to everything that is in-between.