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"I'm hearing these different voices saying, here's how your book was used against me, here's how it was forced on me, or here's how I tried to - no one forced it on me, but I tried to apply it and it had this negative consequence in different ways," Harris told NPR during a recent interview.

"I'm trying to go back and really evaluate, you know, where did my book contribute to that? And where was that me and what I was writing, and where was that - the families and the church cultures and so on?

Other individuals Josh and I respect greatly have already provided this, including Debra Fileta (True Love Dates) and Thomas Umstattd Jr.

(Courtship in Crisis) and these are people who you will see in conversation with Josh and myself in the film.

Most of the filming, audio, and technical work will be done by a team of Regent students and alumni.

One that all believers can relate to, one that doesn't end with a wedding but ends with a community.

As believers we are not a collection of separate nuclear families, peppered with singles and others—we are the family of God, centred on Jesus, and no one should be excluded from experiencing love in that community. Both Josh and I have have found our time at Regent to be deeply formative.

And here I can only speak for myself, but my perspective has been changed for the better in how I think of and relate to God because of my time at Regent.

Regent student Jessica Van Der Wyngaard is currently in the planning stages of filming a documentary which traces her fellow Regent student Josh Harris's process as he re-evaluates his popular 1997 book, .

The book, which Josh wrote when he was 21 years old, became the go-to romantic relationship instruction book for evangelical teens.