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And realized that we not only had a that was within 150 mile radius of Houston, but we had one that was in other states as well. Craig Sorrell: They were able, through fingerprint analysis, to have a suspect. Drew Carter: The majority of his attacks were by surprise. Drew Carter, Texas Ranger: He was nicknamed by the media as Det. He was transported by the Rangers back to Houston to face charges. Drew Carter: At the time of his arrest, Resendiz was linked to six murders in Texas, two in Illinois and one in Kentucky. Craig Sorrell: For two years we had operated under the belief that his name was Rafael Resendez Ramirez. But ultimately it was determined his name was Angel Maturino Resendiz. Holly Dunn: I don't have things that I think about all the time. And I woke up during the middle of the night screaming and crying. And not that he cared, because I don't think he did. I'm still, you know, the same person I was" - it felt good. I told all the details of what I knew, what I remembered.Often the people were in bed asleep when he was getting 'em. He supports the fact that true evil does exist in this world. I started to feel like, "Wow, this is a lot bigger than me." It was almost like my worst nightmare coming true. Craig Sorrell: And that was when the ball started rollin' and it became a national serial killer manhunt. We had to catch him before he killed somebody else. Craig Sorrell, Lexington Police Dept: We knew then we had a serial killer on the loose. Craig Sorrell: As part of the search, there was actually a huge operation to stop trains. We had helicopters in the air to fly over various train tracks. If they saw somebody, we'd get the train stopped, check the train - stop anybody and identify anybody on it. Devon Anderson: I closed the door and started crying because I was so relieved there wasn't ... Devon Anderson: And I had been waiting to see this guy. I talk about the trial as the hardest day of my life. What I was most worried about, I think, was seeing him again. For me to be able to say, "You didn't destroy me." Like... And, you know, cried through the entire testimony... I don't even remember exactly what I said or how long it took. Craig Sorrell: Sometimes you don't always have the human picture, the actual human suffering.

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He went through his backpack and didn't find anything that he wanted. Because Chris kept saying, "You know if you can get yourself untied get away, run away." Because he couldn't get - his arms were all tied up in his backpack. And I really don't know how much time passed before our attacker came down carrying a rock. And she doesn't - maybe didn't even realize how much she was helping me by what she was doing. Craig Sorrell: We received a lot of phone calls and a lot of tips, and we followed up on a lot of people who thought they had seen this person.I had already seen one person die in front of me and I did not need to see another. And he just, like, reintroduced me to the world.[Emotional] I don't think Jacob even knows like how much he helped me ... Holly Dunn: I started speaking about two years after the attack.Devon Anderson: I read an account of the execution, and it said that right before they injected him, his feet were shaking under the sheet. I'm a different person today because this happened. To me it felt like part of my healing process to talk about it, and to cry about it and to be emotional, because for so long I had to kind of detach emotion from it...Holding a candle to light the way, this Holly Angel features a gown decorated in floral motifs inspired by the art of the Pennsylvania Dutch and is just . Jim Shore grew up in rural South Carolina, the son of artistic parents who instilled a love of the traditional imagery of American folk art.His grandmother was a master quilter who taught him an appreciation for the patience and skill required to bring intricate designs to life. “There’s an innocence, a purity in the designs found in early American art, particularly in quilts.