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Daarbij is het maar de vraag of hij wel eerlijk antwoordt.Immers, hij wil zich natuurlijk zo goed mogelijk presenteren.It recognises that there is plenty to celebrate in the survival of a style of comedy that was supposed to have become obsolete.

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Je hoeft dus geen armpje te drukken met haar of een partijtje te boksen met een andere man.Older audiences like him because he’s a throwback to how things used to be, younger ones because they haven’t seen anything like him.Women enjoy him because he isn’t angry, and men because he doesn’t endlessly flog the dog-eared, bloke-as-perpetual-loser routines.Mere jokes were no longer enough; out went the old, in came narrative-style “alternative” comedy.You couldn’t go to a show without being hosed down by F-words and drenched in attitude by gloopy-voiced, predominantly Northern working-class comics who thought it more important to make political points than to send the paying punters home with aching middle-sections.