Good conversation starters for dating

It did feel awkward at first and she didn't need to get into details, but I felt much more open with her. The one with the koala bear and the jar of peanut butter?

It's like, you have dirty laundry and so do I, and it's fine. ' Then, he whipped out his i Phone and played it for me. Bam, discussion." — Alicia, 22"A date asked me once, 'Who is your secret weird crush?

On Facebook, you don't just run into people or notice someone across the room, unless you're active in groups.

" He responded, "Seriously, I'd put a 3 carrot ring on your finger." I told him I'd give him a pizza my heart.

We continued back and forth for another 20 minutes or so and started to ask questions using strictly food and beverage puns.

), so it turned out fair enough." — Jenelle, 29"'Any hidden talents I should know about? that is, if you can pull it off without sounding creepy. " — Tania, 31"We were meeting at a Thai spot in my neighborhood. When we got there, she looks at me kind of sheepishly and says, 'Can I confess something to you?

' She admitted to me that she hated this particular restaurant because it was a favorite spot of her ex's, so there were bad vibes and whatnot — but she was just afraid to make it awkward.