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His mission was to share some of the classically correct riding principles he has learned over the past 65 years with the riders participating in the eighth annual George H.Morris Horsemastership Training Session at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington.For five days in early January, George Morris arrived at the ring at about each morning, meticulously dressed in polished boots, shined spurs, breeches, a solid-colored belt and a polo shirt when the Florida weather was balmy or a plaid flannel shirt on nippier days. Another day, he discussed riding without stirrups to improve rider tightness and balance. show-jumping coach started some days quizzing the young riders gathered around him on topics such as the German Training Scale—rhythm, looseness, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection—or the tempo of the walk (four beats), the trot (two beats) and the canter (three beats).

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“This is contact.” The next day, he further explained: “You want to feel as if you’re pushing the horse’s head down.During walk–halt transitions, he instructed riders to use four parts of their bodies to ask for the halt: back, seat, legs and hands.He told them to stretch in their spines which gives them power, keep their legs on and close their hands.“You won’t see me sawing on the horse’s mouth,” he added.George taught this method to the riders throughout the week.