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We don't know the exact measurements, but it's roughly an inch thick and around 3.5 inches tall and wide.While its shape is clearly different from the Hero 5, there are some similarities.Underneath is where you'll find the place fix the multi-accessory mount.With this mount you can attach it to every Go Pro accessory, except the Karma Grip or Drone.The Fusion is the company's attempt at showing how easy it should be to create VR footage, but in a way that makes it incredibly simple to work with on a flat screen too.Go Pro Fusion has a mostly square design that's noticeably different to the Hero 5, it's also clearly larger.However, take it surfing, paragliding, snowboarding, or anything else involving water and it'll survive just fine.

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One of the great features of the Go Pro Fusion is Over Capture.You'll find 3 microphones on the top edge, arranged in a triangular layout, and the unit is waterproof up to 5m.It's worth noting though that, while it's waterproof, the design of the lenses means it won't work well for underwater shooting.The front plays home to the quick capture button, which you press to start recording video or taking a photo.This, again, is different to the Hero, since it's not placed on the top of the camera.