Friend stream widget not updating

When I upload a new value to a stream, the widget on the dashboard does not update to reflect the new value until I refresh the page. As a test I use a web browser to send the following

- The Feedly provider now includes thumbnails Fixes: - Notifications get triggered on manual update if persistent is set - Persistent notifications no longer dismiss when tapped - Updated translations (AF, IW and RO) Credits: Once again thanks to Jorge Ruesga for contributing the content providers code and to all the translators for their work in keeping the languages up to date.

Version 4.2.0 - Backup and Notifications NEW features: - Status bar Weather notifications (Pro) - Backup and restore widget settings Fixes: - Use Google's Geo lookup instead of Open Weather Maps's, if available - Help text scrolling - Minor bugfix and code cleanup - Updated translations Version 4.1.1 Fixes: - Updated 7" and 10" tablet layouts for Month View calendar widget - Update the current day/month in the Month view calendar on date change - Calendar resizing in Standard style widget - Better multi-day all day event handling - Facebook widget refresh hang - Updated translations Version 4.1.0 - Facebooking...

NEW features: - Facebook news provider (Pro) - Month view Calendar style and Tap action toggle (Pro) - Sharing in News feed article view Fixes: - Fix lookup in e.g. - Fix weather cache handling on connection failures - Fix icon and text overlay color handling - Performance improvements - Updated translations Version 4.0.5 to 4.0.7 Fixes: - New (The old geoname service was too unreliable) - Allow Clock upscaling on Lock screen (with warning message) - Fix Calendar hang on refresh and icon disappearing bugs - Bug fixes and Performance optimizations - Fix Calendar refresh bugs - Updated translations (AF, DE, IT, IW, RO and SK) Important note to existing The re-written version of the provider replaces the old Geonames location service with the Google Maps location service.

Currently (12/20/2016), it is more than a month behind (11/08/2016 displayed).

Even if I use the widget to launch the app, it still doesn't cause the widget to update.