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After her music success on Jamaican radio, she began recording her first studio album.

In August 1994, Saw released her first album entitled Lover Girl. In 1996, Saw released her second album Give Me the Reason.

In 2012, she released an extended play entitled "Two Man". In November 2012 she announced that she was turning her back on dancehall and would be concentrating on Gospel music in the future.

In August 2013, Saw released a single "Nuh Tek Mi Man".

In 1987, Hall took the name "Lady Saw" after the famous Jamaican singer Tenor Saw, who inspired her music.

Her performances brought her to the attention of record producers and she recorded her first single for producer Piper, and "Love Me or Lef Me", produced by Olive Shaw received significant airplay.

The album spawned the singles: "Healing" and "Sycamore Tree".

The album charted at number 6 on the Top Reggae Albums chart."; a song in which she defines 'slackness' in many ways.Slackness often refers to vulgarity in Jamaican culture, behavior and the music.The album also spawn the singles: "Man is the Least", "Move Your Body", and "Loser".In March 2007, Saw released the single "No Less Than a Woman (Infertility)".