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In this day and age, it is the exception rather than the rule.Most lawyers agree that they rarely see permanent maintenance paid in a marriage of fewer than ten years unless some medical problem exists.Permanent Maintenance Permanent maintenance is just what it sounds like.It is maintenance paid by one spouse to the other for life.It is usually paid for a short period of time, generally a few years and usually not more than five years.Rehabilitative maintenance is often used to finish a college degree or gain advanced training in order to assist the disadvantaged spouse in becoming self-sufficient.Your "fault" will not be considered in determining whether or not you are entitled to maintenance, but it could result in a substantial reduction of your award.

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If you are seeking maintenance, your fault (, adultery, drunkenness or other egregious misconduct) may well be used against you.During your trial, the court will use that list of expenses, among other factors, in determining whether permanent or rehabilitative maintenance is appropriate.It is difficult to convince the court that your permanent expenses are significantly different (either less or greater) than those you listed for your temporary maintenance hearing.Call, Write or Email Us About Your Family Law Issue Mention this website and ask for a free 15-minute telephone consultation to find out if our firm can help you resolve your Family Law problem.Whether it's a divorce, post-divorce, custody or visitation matter, we'll be happy to discuss the matter briefly to determine if you need our services.