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Open Sim environments look and feel like Second Life because they share the same code, which was developed on an open source early version of the Second Life platform.

SL is the gold standard for content and interface, but you can implement Open Sim on a much smaller budget.

And if you can wear being different as a badge of honor rather than a cloak of shame, all in the interest of giving your students a one-of-a-kind learning experience, you should definitely read on to find out how to tap into the magic of virtual worlds for education.

The case for virtual environments in education So what games for diversion or amusement, but since the VEs that weren’t created for those purposes don’t have rules per se, they are not, in and of themselves, games. Students can and do visit virtual environments to view and analyze, evaluate and create content. Aren’t those actions the highest-order performances linked to Bloom’s Taxonomy?

Want to see if there’s anything on Second Life that will work for your subject or unit?

This entertainment is totally free and has a lot of real life business opportunities. In this place, you can fulfill any desire you can imagine.

Almost all virtual environments also have customizable avatars that allow users to extend their self-expression into the digital realm.

Most virtual environments also allow for amazing collaborative opportunities where groups of people can build together.

Second Life’s user-generated content tools and simple but facile scripting language are exquisitely suited to innovation of this kind.

Watch the video below to see how educators Cooper Mc Beth and Rebecca Reiniger have used it with students as young as 5 to great success.