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Brownstein grew up in Redmond, WA, and loved watching was so strange,” she muses.“They would air it in blocks on weekends and I would tape them all and re-watch those VHS tapes over and over again.(In fact, Brownstein says she’s meeting Armisen for dinner after our shoot.) “We are very careful about preserving [our connection].You have to be kind of intentional about friendships as you get older, because people drift apart so easily with their own lives or families or just physical distance.The friendships you want to maintain, you really have to protect—not just by commenting on their Twitter feed but by actually, like, inviting them over,” she says, laughing. ’” more than the one we might remember from Sleater-Kinney, though of course it’s all the same to her.“[You can’t just say] ‘Dude, I liked all of your Instagram photos, so we’re best friends, right? Comedy might seem like a leap from Brownstein’s rambunctious band days, but she assures me it was only a difficult transition for her fans.If you require assistance, please contact customer support.

Brownstein’s not unusually short, but she is legit petite and low-key. As we chat, seated on a mustard-colored vintage couch at the photo studio, there’s a thoughtfulness to all of her answers. [But maybe you can] superimpose Janet and Corin next to me? A., Airbnb-ing a house in Laurel Canyon with one of her two dogs (the less adaptable one stayed home in Portland with her house sitter) while writing season five, which will premiere early next year.[People] just see me as this person they know from television, and then they listen to Sleater-Kinney and they think, ‘What is this scary music? The photo shoot over, she’s back in her street clothes—black jeans and boots, a distressed T-shirt, and a floral panel hat, the brim of which she tugs up and down as we talk.“I think significant changes take longer to settle in as part of your identity.Her penchant for performing was never exclusive to music; it was a personality trait she’d nurtured since childhood.“I was always putting on plays or going to theater camp or, you know, trying to orchestrate little moments that brought attention to me,” she says.