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Also, this is very important for demo purposes because somehow, colorful charts attract audience attention better than monochromatic charts do.

An organizational chart (org chart for short) is a graph that shows the management structure of a business.

Now 15 years later, Stock Chart X is the preferred stock charting component of developers and traders around the world.

Dynamics CRM’s out-of-the-box dashboards are a bit dull.

In this guide, we review three of the best org chart software options for small businesses: Organimi, Org Plus and Lucid Chart.

The key reasons we recommend Organimi is that it’s the easiest to use and the most affordable.

It seemed that all stock chart libraries out there were developed by... The reality is that charting component companies seem to know very little, if anything, about finance.

Over 35 example programming projects are included with the Stock Chart X stock chart component.Stock Chart X also features over 80 popular technical indicators which can be customized with user-defined parameters.Our technical indicators have been validated by their authors whenever possible, so you can be sure the calculations are correct.That's why our technical indicator library has won numerous awards by Futures magazine and Stocks & Commodities magazine. Sure, Stock Chart X has been around for 15 years, but our star products are never phased out.We keep our products going, and we keep them reasonably backwards compatible with older versions. For every feature we add, we also make it a point to increase performance over the previous version.