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Now 19 the coming time to have your Carpets taken up and cleaned. The house is in a horrible temper, fighting mad, and with eighty-six bills on the calendar and several hundred upon general orders. There is, however, one feature of the case which has not been pre- sented to their attention, and that is the financial loss which every death causes to the community, and the desirability and the necessity of adopting every measure to preserve human life, so far as efficient sanitation can accomplish that result. The labor- ing man is certainly worth more than that now. Taking an average of seventeen states and territories based on the damages recovered from railroad companies for the loss of life through their carelessness, the average value of a, human life is 41. Williams, however, puts the estimate low, and expresses the belief that every death means a loss of 00 to this country. His selections included compo- sitions from Wermanu, Dubois, Dudley Huck, Batiste, Schubert, Hach, Flagler, Lux, Martini, Wagner and Rossini. I have for tvro ye.-ir.s been vt-ry seriously troubled with rhevvnintism, snffcrint; inten;-.o prilin and aches. M failed, until, h.aving heard so much alxnit IIo;vl's fiaraapaiilla, I thought I would try it. The universal spirit of the Nineteenth century is quick to appreciate the value of bright ideas — Hence the rapid growth of the science of invention. GEIST, Jeweler - • 121 West Snperior Street, Dnlntli. a O'y J'J Always the Latest Styles And Best Qualities. The senate bill increasing the salary of the supreme court reporter from 00 to 00 passed the house. April 19.— Th«« storm center that wsh ci^ntral over Doiiffe City, Kas.. Mo., and will probably pass* o Ter the lower lake region aud will caueo fresh northeasterly winds at this place. It is not necessary at this time to reit- erate the arguments which have hereto- fore been used in favor of this action. During slavery days negro infants sold as high as §200 and able-bodied slaves brought from 00 to 00. The program was varied and was calculated to exhibit not only the great versatility of the performer but of the instrument as well. Rheumatism- Internal Painc Aches -Perfectly Cured " I must s.-vy that Hoods Sarsaiiaril Li works like magic. The world of fashionable leisure creates the want, and the world of toil and thought supplies it. Paul, April Is.— (Special to The Herald.]— The house refused to concur this morning in the senate amendments to the omnibus appropriation bill. City authorities are, as a rule, carekss in this respect. Call and inspect our heavy assortment of samples and be convinced. The expulsion from a South Carolina church of a telephone girl who was ob- liged to work on Sunday reminds the world that the Pharisees are not all dead. No one who heard Clarence Eddy, the organist, at the First Methodist church last evening could be unconscious of the fact that a master in every sense of the wo»'d, was at the organ. No advertisciiients taken for these colamus till fwrbid, i.

Then, their tight stage show hits you in the chest with 90-plus minutes of pure energy.

s of the best citizens of ^ Duloth, who have availed themselvee of its advautagos. The Senate Killed the General Road and Bridge Bill and Few Measures Will Pass. It looks as if but a few more bills would get through. The following bills passed the house last night: Lommen's bill, providing for an appropriation of 0,000 to drain and improve water courses of the Red river; the appropriation extends over four vears and the Great Northern road adds ,000; Keller's bill providing for the management of the state reforma- tory. This amount is more\han double the expenditure at any previous international exposition. Paul dispatches the other day it was stated that Senator Donnelly denounced Mr.

Bill of Donnelly's For Fixing Rates on Coal, Wood and Grain Defeated Today. The Insurance Commissioner of Kansas Has Stepped Out. Senators would object to suspension of the rules and no business could be rushed through on the usual plan. That is always theended for the World's fair the tremendous sum of Si 6,708, 826.48, of which ji 1 4,4 1 1,^06.74 is invested in the buildings at Jackson park.

Marie Caroline was the widow of Arthur Kindersley Black. The marriage led to bitter disputes be- tween the late duke and his second % ^ ^^— ■ ■w i^.^ Ti — ^, MPm THE DULTJTH EVENING HBEALD: WEDNESDAY APRIL 19, 1893.

The late duke died on September 22 last, having made a will as favorable as possible to his second wife.