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For states with no education data, AP looked to the National Incident-Based Reporting System, a database of participating states' crime reports collected by the FBI.

AP used the two most recent publicly available years of NIBRS data—20.

The state defined those offenses broadly to include any forcible oral, anal or vaginal penetration, lewd behavior with someone 15 or younger, and unwanted intimate touching through or under clothes for arousal or gratification.In Michigan, for example, the state counted only expulsions.So one Lansing high school was able to report no sexual assaults in 2015 while AP found a case in which a student was suspended and later charged with criminal sexual conduct.Education officials in a half-dozen states told AP they didn't think their data reflected the full extent of the problem.In addition, some of the nation's largest school districts—including those with student enrollments over 100,000—reported no rapes or sexual assaults for multiple years, even though AP identified cases through public records or news accounts.