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Please keep in mind that doing so is a violation of the EULA and can lead to account termination. If you are not certain that the web site or program asking for your API key is safe, please do not give it to them!

You are responsible for any usage of the information obtained by using your personal API key.

Reiteration and repetition of these same pain points by multiple voices will help drive home their importance to the devs. It took my entire evening and three forum posts to cover everything I wanted to say but it was definitely time well spent if it makes a difference for the future.

Your new API key needs the following access; Private Information: Account Status, Character Info, Skill Queue, Skill In Training, Character Sheet Public Information: Character Info, Standings, Medals Get your custom API keys from You can also use this link for the predefined api key (with proper access masks)https://support.eveonline.com/api/key/createpredefined/59645960 EVEBoard [eb] is a site to view and show off your skills and stats of being a pilot in New Eden, similar to the other great "sheet" sites such as the former EVE-Sheet and in Eve, [eb] gives you an easy way to access your information anywhere in the world.As CCP now introduced custom API keys, the legacy keys will be disabled shortly.In order for a switch to the new keys to work properly, ALL characters will be disabled and you will need to update your API information with a new custom key.If you believe someone is misusing your API credentials, please regenerate your API keys using the top half of this page.COPYRIGHT NOTICEEVE Online, the EVE logo, EVE and all associated logos and designs are the intellectual property of CCP hf.

Eve corp standings not updating