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It also features some great new features like simplified content access from external devices and console-free gaming for game apps which are accessible through the apps available through the smart OS itself.

In 2015, we considered Tizen to be the second best smart TV platform on the North American market for that year and we hold to this view of the system in 2016 once again.

Additionally, as we’d said above, the upscaling engine for non-4K content is a solid performer.

Finally, in terms of physical design, the KU6500 is one lovely television.

flat screened 4K TVs on this site previously, curved TV display design is mostly a gimmick in any normal sized TV for the home and most annoyingly of all, it’s used to justify higher price tags even when a particular curved model is nearly or completely identical to another flat-screened version. the KU6300, which offers the same specs but is cheaper due to its flat screen.

In our final opinion, the KU6500 has plenty going for it.

Finally, the KU6500 comes with a curved display and while this doesn’t really harm the picture quality in any meaningful way, it also does nothing to add to the TV’s “immersion”.

Thus, with this TV you unfortunately get none of the flashier Samsung display technologies but can still enjoy a robust visual experience that has been slightly enhanced from what we saw in the company’s 2015 4K non-SUHD TVs. Despite a lack of serious HDR specs, this TV doesn’t fail to deliver a very robust and generally very good viewing experience for a reasonable enough price.On top of these, Samsung’s upscaling engine for the Full HD and SD content that will take up a majority of your TV viewing time is downright great, with some very good upscaling for most SD and 720p content and excellent upscaling of Full HD or Blu-ray video sources.Starting with Tizen, it’s as good as it has ever been in the KU6300 and in fact we’d argue that this year’s version of the smart platform is a better, more refined performer than ever, with a more simplified main menu of options, easier usability and better functionality overall.Sony’s Android TV is excellent and Vizio has definitely delivered some major improvements to their smart TV technology but Tizen still beats them both.As for display performance as we mentioned above, the KU6500 delivers the goods robustly even if it doesn’t do so in a truly stunning way.