Devon sawa dating history

Sawa appeared in the film Little Giants and then got his big break in Casper, playing the role of Casper himself as a human boy.

In "Now and Then" Sawa played Scott Wormer the town bully, and shared a second on-screen kiss with his co-star Christina Ricci (the first was in Casper).

In news that every '90s kid will appreciate, it's true: Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa had a thing back when they were filming Now and Then. News, that's one of the behind-the-scenes tidbits that came out of an LA screening held for the movie's 20th anniversary on Friday, which brought out Devon, Thora Birch, writer I.

Marlene King, and producers Suzanne and Jennifer Todd.

From 2010 to 2013, he had a recurring role on the drama spy fiction series Nikita as Owen Elliot.

His love of acting began when he starred in a school play in kindergarten, and since then, he has had many roles on TV and in movies.

And now I'm back, and it really truly is, like I love acting, I love being in this business, I love doing this stuff, so I'm glad to be back. Devon Sawa: Age — I did Nerf com — I was a Nerf Spokes Kid. Devon Sawa: No, it's a funny story, because actually in grade five I was the class clown.

Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez, joined by Devon Sawa. Perez: We are going to be seeing more of you very soon because Friday you're going to be on "Nikita"? I was, I was obnoxious in class, and so the teacher suggested that you know if I wanted to be the center of attention, maybe I should try acting.

Sawa also starred in Wild America, Idle Hands, SLC Punk! In 2000, Sawa played the title character of the Eminem music video "Stan".

Sawa later became a voice actor by voicing Flash Thompson in Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

Or should I say 'girl'." It's the second child for Devon and Dawni, who recently celebrated their 12-year anniversary of being together and welcomed their son, Hudson, in January 2014.

Devon hasn't been shy about sharing sweet photos of Hudson on social media, and it's clear that he's growing up to be a handsome stud just like his famous dad.