Declan donnelly still dating georgie

Once he was in a relationship with Ali they moved in together and announced their engagement in 2014. The couple often enjoy double dates with Ant and his wife Lisa Armstrong.Meanwhile, Ant is reportedly planning to leave rehab in around a month to fly to Australia to film just six weeks later.that seeing his onscreen partner Ant Mc Partlin marry eight years ago led to him reassessing his priorities."It made me look inwardly and realise that's what I wanted, to have a partner and get married, but it wasn't there at the time," he said."I would think 'Oh God, when's that going to happen for me?Declan Donnelly and his bride Ali Astall were blessed by Pope Francis on their wedding day.

He tweeted: “Thank you for all the anniversary wishes.Georgie is making a real issue out of it and is terrified it'll irreparably drive the couple apart." However, while Georgie is anxious about the arrangements with the horse, Dec is said to be less concerned with the situation.A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "As far as Dec is concerned, they're no longer on speaking terms so until Georgie raises the matter with him directly, he won't lose any sleep over it.They both love going to the races and Georgie was really looking forward to seeing the beast in action."But she has convinced herself that Dec won't let her go to the same races as him and she'll be made to feel like an unwelcome investor.