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Nearby are some of the 20 original cloth mills along the Marden.St Mary's church was extended by the generous donations of rich clothiers and wool merchants in the 15th century.The canal was completed in 1810 and abandoned in 1914.

Calne had a significant woollen broadcloth industry in the 18th century, and evidence of this can be seen set around the triangular green by the parish church, where 24 listed buildings remain, five at Grade II* including the Tounson almshouses for the neediest poor and Georgian era clothiers' houses.Until the 19th century, quarries beside the London road northwest and southeast of the town were sources of stone for building.A relic of 19th century lime extraction, a kiln, exists in the grounds of St Mary's School.The opening of Black Dog Halt in the early 20th century provided insufficient demand to slow a progressive decline.The branch closed as a result of the Beeching Axe in September 1965, having suffered the ignominy of making the biggest loss per mile of any line in the country.