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The girl you pick from say Ukraine will have bad English even through a program translator then randomly has perfect English, so different people pretending.They use minimal number of words trying always to get you to use yours and your credits.and “Victoria Hearts is a genuine Scam Site” 7/8/17 If you are lonely and you want a partner stay away from Victoria Hearts, It is 100% a Scam site raking in thousands per day from men who are lonely and looking for a partner.It uses professional models, as you can see from the photographs.There are tons of YT videos which prove that many of these sites are staffed by people (men and women) who write the letters on behalf of the "agency." Your Elena might actually be Igor instead! You can even put specific questions in your profile description that you want someone writing to answer first, so you know that they are real.You'll get nothing but computer-generated letters or messages.It allows me: Sending and receiving letters Chatting using instant messages Sending various offline gifts and flowers Sending online gifts Seeing who watched your profile Seeing who liked your photos Making use of the improved live chat support Moreover, Victoria Hearts offers another attractive option. So, every time your balance is empty, you will get additional credits automatically.

They are a front to get lonely men to buy credits, which go to the staffers. But the women are beautiful” 6/26/17 This site is out to take your money. The thing that tipped me off was the fact that you get no contact from these ladies when you are not logged in. However once you log in it is like all the super models come out of the woodwork liking you pictures and sending you messages. “Victoiahearts is an elaborate scam” 6/19/17 There to make lots of money, money converted to credits, credits charged at 2 per minute to chat. Fake your profile to be a street bum and hundreds of woman want to chat still.To contact a girl, respond to a chat massages or viewing some of her pictures or videos you get deducted credits.And obviously the credits have to be purchased at outrageous prices.Several of the models interviewed got paid a pittance for the work that they.If you ask a girl for an email or a phone number they cannot provide them, they explain that the PC has been loaned to them by the agency and it is locked onto the agencies website. neither girls could speak English (They were beginners) and they use Google translate to translate.