Dating in bavaria

We met in 1997 when we were both silly elementary school kids in Mrs. We instantly became good buddies and "hung out" with the same group of friends. Come to find out (MANY years later), D had been going through some issues with his current circle of friends..stemming from a horrible ex-girlfriend.My mom used to car pool for field trips and I knew every trip that D would be in my car riding with me. We hadn't spoken or really even acknowledged one another's existence for the last 2 years and now we're waving? There was side taking and rumors started and he felt like he needed a change. We started talking again that year, but then summer came and it was back to square one. It is rich and doughy and filling and is the only thing on the planet that can soak up German beer. Real Bavarian pretzels are hearty, doughy twists of bravado, studded with salt. They are not served in delicate little paper sleeves.Tear into one with your bare teeth and suddenly, you will be able to speak German. ————— Weisswurst Bavarians are so badass, they eat sausage for breakfast. There are many smart-ass remarks to be made here, but since I am a lady, I will leave them up to you. I hated this stuff as a kid, but that’s because I had only known what we have in the states – a nasty, soggy, shredded concoction that is plopped on top of hot dogs.————— Schweinshaxe The Germans have a dish called schweinshaxe that is particularly popular in Bavaria. Then they batter dip and fry it up, because if there’s one thing that makes hammered meat even better, it’s a crisp, golden crust. You can’t feed a noodle to a German, because if you do you run the risk that they will scream at you IN GERMAN and it will be the most terrifying thing you have EVER encountered. Eat it, and your immune system will become the Hulk. It doesn’t matter what kind you get: order a slice, and be prepared for a piece of cake the size of a child’s head.It is a roasted pig knuckle, and it will punch you in the mouth with its gastronomical awesomeness. I mean, it’s like fried chicken – which is already one of the greatest things in the world – with an EVEN BETTER MEAT (usually veal, sometimes pork). Instead of noodles, they have spaetzle, which are little chewy dumplings of HELL YES. This is why German people live to an average age of 165, and why their children wrestle bears at summer camp. Two servers are required to carry it out, and it will contain enough sugar to put an elephant into a diabetic coma. If you eat them, you will grow hair on your chest and you will never need to call a tow truck because if your car breaks down you will be able to PUSH IT HOME.

Both men remain in custody in Frankfurt as the probe continues.

We spent alot of time picking on one another at the playground and passing notes in the middle of class..when middle school came the next year, we kind of lost touch. As sad as it was, it was obvious we had left our 5th grade friendship behind. The next day, we ran into each other in the hall while walking to class. High school was coming and I feared the same friendship fizzle was about to occur. We didn't sit beside each other the first day, or the second, or the third.

New school and a cool middle school image to uphold. It wasn't until 8th grade, while grading papers for my algebra teacher during lunch (teachers pet, I know), I looked out the window and saw D walking with his buddies back from lunch. Cut to 9th grade and the start of our Economics, Legal, and Political course with Mrs. I walked in that Monday morning to find D sitting in the corner of the room. We actually didn't start sitting together out of our own free will. I am positive this time in our lives contributed to both of our lack of knowledge regarding all things legal and political..that's just fine with me.

The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said the 28-year-old is suspected of planning a serious “state-threatening act of violence”, fraud and violating firearms laws.

More than 90 German police officers have worked alongside Austrian and French security forces to search 16 locations across three countries on Wednesday, when a suspected accomplice was arrested in Bavaria.