Dating hudson bay blanket label

Labeled with orange paper on right side, serial #768149, original key and interior tray, initialed on right and left side "E. M." for Edward Caldwell Moore (1857-1943), American Theologian, studied in Germany 1884-1886, received Ph D from Brown University in 1891, became Parkman Professor of Theology at Harvard University in 1901, trunk is in good condition, 12 1/2" h, 35 1/2" w, 20" d. Faded stripe decoration on canvas, brass front locks and side handles, in-use wear with two spots of loss of canvas on lid, missing interior tray and leather straps, (overall intact), paper labels on side "Cunard Lines...", block initials on both sides, "MFG", "USA", early paper label "Paris 1867, Rue Scribe", Havre 1868, No. Calder" labeled stretcher, apparently signed in pencil on stretcher and dated "1903", 5" x 9". primitive watercolor on paper, of a farmhouse with barns and outbuildings, fenced pastures, signed l.r. Wann, Iowa Co., Wisconsin", original walnut frame, 16" x 21 1/2" (sight). Gifford 91", (1839-1904), signed indistinctly in pencil on top of back stretcher, elaborately carved and gilded frame, minor surface scratches, overall very good condition, 13 1/4" x 18" (sight), 23 1/2" x 28 1/2" (framed). oil on canvas on board seascape, fishermen along the shore with sailing vessels in the background, signed l.r. 1860, (see Bishop, Folk Painters of America, 1979, Dutton), original carved and gilded frames. blue hand-painted wallpaper in a classical design of an angelic scene with cherubs, harpist and a Grecian goddess in a billowing shawl, blue borders, gilded wood frame, rectangular mirror below, hung in the American Embassy in England in the early 20th c., 4' 4" h, 4' 1" w. 26, 1872, Property of the Hingham Cordage Co.", (JPR collection). British Sea Service, Flintlock pistol, marked "Tower" and "GR" with Royal cypher and Birmingham Proofs, brass trigger guard and butt cap, 9" barrel, brass capped ram rod stock shows possible early repair to front half, old patina, (possibly used during the Revolutionary War). long rifle, percussion, marked on top of barrel with engravings "J Barnes, Maker, Orange", brass butt plate and fancy patch box, wood ram rod is a replacement, double trigger, 32" barrel, walnut stock, old patina. New England pine (chestnut drawer bottoms), six-drawer blanket chest, three top drawers are simulated with carved fronts, oval brasses (possibly original), tall carved base, traces of original red paint (white paint removed), 53" h, 36" w, 17" d. pair of carved rosewood Chinese armchairs, top section canted backwards, raised panel back, squared arms with decorative scroll, stretcher base with tenon construction, wood plank seat with through tenons, old dark red stained finish. Large folio print, the "America" winning the match at Cowes for the Club Cup, from the original sketch taken on the spot by Oswald W. 326 from the War Department, Adjutant Generals Office, Washington, June 23, 1865, ordering Sergeant John Rapell, U. Army, to duty at Fort Washington, Maryland, as an Adjutant to Ordnance Sergeant Joseph Cameron, U. Army; the other is from the Ordnance Office, Washington, June 28th, 1865, to Maj. Collection of books (two by Beston) including: Beston, Henry B, Full Speed Ahead; Doubleday, Page & Company, Garden City, New York, 1919, hard-cover, photo illustrated, signed on flyleaf "To Mrs. ceramic platter and punch bowl, red decoration, Wedgwood, Etruria pattern, footed bowl with the Harvard shields and 18th c. Hersey", (found in the Cotton Hersey barn), 23" l; Twine Winder with twine, marked "RH" for Reuben Hersey, 18" l; Clamp, marked "EH" (Edmund) and "SH" (Samuel), "acquired at the Burns estate sale,...

Oil on canvas harbor scene, with men in overalls securing a fishing boat at low tide, dock buildings, boats and gulls in the background, signed l.r. Gruppe", (1896-1978), carved and molded wood frame in silver finish, 32" x 40" (sight), 36" x 44" (framed). oil on canvas, seascape with waves against a rocky beach, double masted schooner sailing into a line storm with other sails, with light breaking through the clouds illuminating shore waves and rocks and brightening sky, possibly West Island, Fairhaven, MA, signed l.r. Brierly, labeled on back "From the Old Picture Store, 16 Brattle Street, Boston, Mass.", 21" x 28 1/2". Thomas Lacey with all the best wishes of her wandering friend, "Henry B". Ensor, 1881-1960), gilt plaster frame, 13 1/2" x 17" (sight). American cherry wood, tip top tea table, original varnish finish, molded square top, tilts on diagonal, carved and turned shaft, carved leg with elongated feather and diamond extending to a small claw and ball foot, 29" h, 34 1/2" x 33 1/2" top. colored lithograph, three-masted schooner "The Sea Witch", labeled on back "Robert Patterson artist", original gilded frame, 20 1/2" x 25 1/2" (sight); Photostatic copy of the foundation and superstructure of Minots Ledge Light House, near Cohasset, Mass., 1858, framed and glazed, 17" x 21 1/2" (sight). Harvard University Diploma for "Paul Willard" in Department of "Greek", August 27, 1845, signed by the President of Harvard, Josiah Quincy, from the John P. scenes of the Harvard campus, 5 1/2" h, 12" dia; and a serving platter with crimped pie edging, showing Harvard University, 1941, South Prospect of Harvard Along the Charles, 19" l.

crock with cobalt handles and a lid, chip on rim, 10 1/2" h. White in the 1st Regiment of Illinois Light Artillerycalled into the Service of the United States by The Presidenton the 16th of June, 1861; Handwritten letter from the Treasury Department dated November 12th, 1844 in reply to a letter from Abe Knowlton about whether his son Samuel Knowlton (enlisted in the 6th Infantry of the Peace Establishment) is yet living. Collection of travel pamphlets, books, and photograph albums including: "The Adirondacks"; "Gaspe Peninsula"; "Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park Maine"; "La Province De Quebec"; Photograph albums - Mergantic Club, Agnes, P. Chapman, sculpt.", matted, framed and glazed, 17" x 19 1/2" (sight). oil on mahogany board, of three men seated at a table in a tavern, with waitress in a long skirt, labeled "Little Art Shop, Providence, R. on South Street...", 6" seat h, 14" overall h; Early 20th c.

Two early stoneware pieces, both marked "Charlestown": ovoid crock with offset handles and cobalt decoration, incised swag and tassels on both sides, shows pitting and cracks, 14" h; and a 1-gal. Instructions for Ordnance Officers from the War Department, Washington, May 23, 1864; Special Order No. Letter was referred to the Adjutant Generals Office; Handwritten letter from the Adjutant General's Office, Washington, Nov. Q.; Lake George; small maps of Hanson, Scituate, Marshfield, etc.; handwritten document "The Legend of Chocorua F. B."; smaller handwritten document with photos; "The Old Farmer's Almanac, 1927"; "Forest Stream and Seashore", issued by The Intercolonial Railway and Prince Edward Island Railway of Canada, June 1908; "St. round Victorian oil on artist's board, still life of red and white roses along with white lilies in a silver handled vase, an opened jewelry box with pearls on a blue table, a bee coming towards the flowers, round oak frame with gilt liner, 15" dia (sight). iron rod centered on a round pine stand, with tacked on bunting in red, white and blue, tag reads "This iron rod was a part of the Liberty Pole that stood at Essex St. 8, Plate XXXIX, overall light toning, framed and glazed, 20 1/2" x 26 1/2" (sight). ) turned post rope bed, original grained painted finish (black over red), carved headboard with yellow and green oval with gilt stencil leaf decoration, coach style outlined in yellow and green, original side rails in original painted finish, 51" h, 6' l, 50" w. Coiled splint handled basket with wrapped handles, and openwork lid with handle, 10" l; Treenware turned box, with floral painted lid, 2 1/2" h; Small figured fruitwood bowl with raised foot, 4" dia; Small tightly woven basket with diamond and cross decoration, 3 1/4" dia. Victorian folk carved hanging mirror and comb box, with miniature, side carved sconces, and reeded columns, tag reads "Great Grandma stated 'This is the best comb box she ever saw in her life.'", 24" h. I." on back, gilt carved frame, 3 1/2" x 5 1/4" (sight). New England dough box, original red with early gray painted sides, canted and dovetailed construction, removable lid with chamfered edges, undercut for hand hold, sides cut for three finger grips, molded bottom, 11 1/2" h, 31" l, 18" d. walnut Eastlake shelf clock, original finish, intricate works with chime and bell, gilded glass with spider web, spider and fly, paper labeled on back "Ersa. doll's toy cradle, pine, 14" l, "made by Elwin Lincoln Fearing, (B.

"Eagle" brand paper boxes for "Artist leads", dated 1879; a leather covered eyeglass case, 3" l, with original steel framed eyeglasses with green tint and hinged side glass, marked "Peters, Phild"; a small tin rectangular jar with corked top; an oval-shaped brass tubular case, possibly used to hold pens, marked "JJK" on top; and a small round wood box with lid, marked "IS" on top and on bottom, and stamped "CH" on the bottom as well, copper tacks and wooden peg construction, 2 1/2" dia on bottom, inside with a yellow cake of chalk or watercolor substance; along with two French paper covered pencil cases, A. Faber, London, New York and Paris, (smaller box holds five original pencils); all "Acquired from Priscilla Sprague in 1969, and belonged to Isaac Sprague, and may have been carried with him on his Western Trip with J. Small wood firkin, pine, in original dark brown stained finish, small repair at rim, 4" h, 3 1/2" dia; Turned wood lidded barrel-shaped container, with wire swing handle, in original blue painted finish, 3 1/4" h, 2 1/2" dia top. Two Grueby ceramic art pottery vases, both in a tanned brown matt glaze, smaller slope shouldered vase has a mottled orange peel finish, with a circular impressed mark "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A." and a lotus flower, 6" h; the taller vase has a dry desert/earth finish, very small nick at base, circular impressed mark "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. Tall Grueby ceramic art pottery urn/vase, heavy matt green glaze on dark red clay covering the sloped shoulder halfway down continuing in bold drips to the base, impressed in a circle on the bottom "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A.", with interior lotus flower, 14" h, 10" dia (at shoulder). 1840; East view of the central part of Plymouth; and South-western view of the Hon. "Margaret Atwood": flower covered dunes, "September", Margaret Atwood, Bay Road, Duxbury, 14" x 18"; and "September Marshes', Margaret Atwood, Bay Road, Duxbury, 1952, 14" x 18"; (Note: Margaret Atwood was the daughter of Eugene R. Two unframed oil paintings on academy board, both signed l.r.

114 from Headquarters Department of Washington, 22d Army Corps., Washington, D. 12, 1844, in reply to the letter regarding Samuel Knowlton and whether he was living. Nicholas", stories and poems; advertising booklet; many stamped "The Fo'Castle H. Boston during the revolution after the Liberty Tree was cut down by the British. 13, Plate LXIV, light toning on right side, framed and glazed, 20 1/2" x 26 1/2" (sight); Male and female "Leopard Spermophile, Spermaphilus Tridecemlineatus, Mitchell., Printed by J. Seven framed and colored Audubon restrike prints from "Birds of America": "Barred Owl, Male"; "Broad-Winged Hawk"; "Red-Shouldered Hawk"; "Carolina Pigeon or Turtle Dove"; "Iceland Falcon"; "Snowy Owl"; "Great Blue Heron", 32 1/2" x 21 1/2". Miniature toy chest, cottonwood, original ochre grain painted finish, drawer with pulls, carved backsplash, carved footed base, signed in pencil on back "Made in 1873 by H. Williams from cottonwood on the Desmoine River near Jackson, Minn."; Child's doll cradle, pine, original yellow paint, with cloth doll, 11" l; Salesman sample, of an old hickory armchair, with original splint seat, 8 1/2" h. English Chippendale chest on chest, hardwood interior, figured walnut veneers secondary wood, three over three drawers on top, over three drawers on bottom, cove crown with mitered and reeded corners on top, banded drawer fronts, original brass bail handles, needs some restoration, 6' h, 3' 3" w, 21" d. Oval framed print of lovers, "Harrison Fisher, 1914", 10"; Calligraphy of two facing doves, "Grandpa & Grandma", matted, 5 1/4" x 8" (sight); Rectangular watercolor of pansies, signed l.r.

Samuel was shot by the Indians on the 29th of July, 1841, while riding express between Fort Pleasant and R. 157 from Head Quarters, Army of the Potomac, Washington, Nov 26th, 1861 by command of Maj. Acquired from Randall Lincoln, descendant of Patriot Paul Revere..come to him through the Revere Family, " John P. Hand-colored, "Helena, in the Dress of a Pilgrim", from Shakespeares' "Alls Well that Ends Well", Act 3, Scene 5, "From the Original Drawing in the Collection of Her Royal Highness the Dutchess of York...

Haddock, Boston, Pure Silver Coin", engraved in a repousse wreath of acorns and oak leaves, "Priscilla Wyer, 1852", beaded rope on lip, collar and footed base, approximate weight 17.82 oz t, 11 1/2" h. Sterling flatware including eight matched ice tea spoons, eight matched hors d'oeurvres forks, six matched soup spoons, four matched hors d'oeurvres forks, three dinner forks, fish server and large serving spoon, six mini spoons, plated candle snuff in the form of a lighthouse, and a butter knife; approximate weight 16.40 oz t.

Sterling silver matching creamer and sugar, 3" h, with repousse band of putti and grapes, monogrammed "AGC", signed "Tiffany & Co."; along with a sugar cube tong, 4" l, with claw grasp, also signed "Tiffany & Co.", (raised roses pattern), approximate weight 9.7 oz t. coin silver creamer and sugar with lid, 8" h, with fruit bowl shaped finial, raised band of acanthus leaf around shoulder and base, monogrammed "E", signed on base "Easton & Sanford, Pure Coin", approximate weight 17.4 oz t. American banjo clock, face signed "Waltham", reverse glass painted throat with Liberty holding a hat, and bottom panel "Battle of Lake Erie", acorn base, some rope work around bottom missing, other minor imperfections, 41" l, 10 1/2" w. sterling silver flatware, including 14 mixed decorative dinner forks, two dinner knives, two small ladles, 17 souvenir spoons including Brooklyn Bridge, Oyster spoon, Monuments, etc., approximate weight 16.4 oz t. rectangular, porcelain, Capodimonte lidded container, rimmed with decorated brass hinges, raised winged cherubs with musical instruments on front sides and back, and hand-painted Grecian scene of a goddess in a dove drawn chariot on waves, and gods manufacturing armor on the right, marked "N" below a crown, 3 1/2" h, 9 1/2" l, 4" d. tall elegant seven-branch silver plated candelabra, with central candle holder, 27 1/2" h, cylindrical tapered shaft terminating in acanthus leaf on a footed shell and leaf base, Sheffield (unmarked). Three footed cordials; repousse heart tray; boudoir mirror with roses in repousse; pin tray; hallmarked and footed kidney-shaped box, tortoise lid with inset silver lyres and swags; circular medallion; sterling ring with etched cigarette case; match case; compact and pill case; segmented fish with hinged section for cotton scent, red stone faceted edge; silver purse; approximate weight 10.30 oz t (does not include the mirror).