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Koleva was set to meet Taylor in London three weeks ago before pulling out due to illness, with Gentili filling the void.

“Her record doesn’t really give her too much justice, I don’t think,” said the Bray woman ahead of tonight’s bout, which is held at the heavier 135lb lightweight limit.

“When there’s a quick turnover like that, you have to be careful with your training as well but Ross knows exactly what he’s doing and I just kind of went with the flow.

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It has been alleged that part of the Cruises’ 2012 divorce settlement ordered Katie, 38, not to date publicly for five years.

Meanwhile, Tom – who looked sharp in a pinstriped suit – laughed and joked with the Oscar-winning Ray actor.

Katie and Tom married just weeks after this photo op, but their marriage would end six years later.

” The five-time amateur world champion also revealed that she will have a close eye on the main event as Venezuelan Linares is one of her favourite contemporary fighters.

“He’s so exciting to watch because he puts his combinations together lovely and he’s got great balance,” she said.