Dating for people with cancer

Chances are that others will be understanding and accepting.

(See Telling Others About Your Cancer.) Children and teens are likely to need help dealing with the wide range of emotions that come with cancer including sadness and fear.

Spouses or partners are often the main source of support for one another.

The level of support felt between loved ones is affected by the ability to talk openly about concerns and challenges.

There might be questions about how fair it is to become involved with someone new at this time in your life.

Keep in mind that no one can know what will happen in the future in any relationship.

Trying to date someone and share intimate thoughts and feelings about these issues can be difficult.You’ll have to decide how much to share about your diagnosis with each person in your life.If you are not sure what to say, talk with a friend or a counselor about how you feel.Sometimes you may think that loved ones and friends are too protective.Other times you the long-term effects of cancer treatment, such as fatigue or pain, can be hard for others to understand.