Dating baseball gloves

He never lost touch with baseball and served as president of the Chicago team and one of baseball's most successful promoters.He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in its first year.Meanwhile my own hand continued to take its medicine with utmost regularity, occasionally being bored with a warm twister that hurt excruciatingly.Still, it was not until 1877 that I overcame my scruples against joining the 'kid-glove aristocracy' by donning a glove.

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In 1884 the rival American League was founded and the era of modern professional baseball was begun.

In these early days of baseball, players were expected to take the field without benefit of protective equipment such as a baseball glove or catcher's mask. He joined the Boston Red Stockings in 1871 and moved to the Chicago White Stockings (today's Cubs) in 1876.

In 1911, Spalding wrote of his experiences in early baseball and describes his first introduction to the baseball glove:"The first glove I ever saw on the hand of a ball player in a game was worn by Charles C. He had come from New Haven and was playing at first base.

The glove worn by him was of flesh color, with a large, round opening in the back.