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Eithne takes a personal interest in you and she wants to find you someone you will be happy with because then she knows she has a satisfied customer who will tell their friends about Twoheartsmeet!

And this means her database will grow and she will have more choices of potential partners to offer the people already on her books. You’re happily matched and Eithne is delighted to have someone to spread the word that she runs a genuine dating agency whose sole purpose is to help you find happiness with a loving partner!

To join our agency, men and women must be either single, legally separated, divorced, widowed or otherwise free to commit to a relationship.

We will require from you photo identification along with proof of home address as well as your contact phone number and e-mail address.

This is the type of man who wants others to take care of him.

Men who will reach the top in life are those ambitious types who flash their platinum credit cards.

If you would like to see a photo of a prospective partner, please bring along (or email us) a nice full length photo of yourself that we can show to a possible match also.

Remember, we will never show your photo without your permission.

Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in regards to the personal information we receive from members. In certain circumstances however, we will return part of the fee if it becomes apparent that we are unable to offer any introduction to a member after 12 months membership.Even though we try our best to find you a match within your chosen criteria, we believe it is better to be open minded about going a little outside your criteria as you may otherwise miss the person of your dreams simply because he or she is one or two years outside your preference or a few kilos heavier than you would like!When we have a possible match for you, Eithne will contact you and discuss if you’re interested in meeting.Eithne will meet with you to complete a personality profile and discuss the finer details about you, your personality, hobbies & interests, values, what you are looking for in a partner, etc. Your details are then registered with Twoheartsmeet and Eithne will start working on finding you a compatible match.Remember, chemistry is the one ingredient we cannot provide!