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We'll continue to look to the principles of accountability, integrity, team work, and open/continuous communication. We'll remember the key concepts of the operational risk management approach the Chief endorsed.

* accept risk only when benefits outweigh risks * accept no unnecessary risk * anticipate and manage risk * make risk decisions at the right level As we practice these principles at beginner to advanced levels, at first line to upper line supervisors, at type 5 to type 1 complexity, we'll be good.

Maybe it's time to try something new: stray from the guy that is your usual 'type'. Let it be about you building a connection, rather than checking off a list. Learn to Empathize "When a date is going downhill, it's usually because the guy is struggling," Chrisler says. While it may not be easy to cut him some slack when he's stumbling through a conversationating is a two person game!

Lesson Learned: Don't forget to think about how he's feeling.3. If you're ticked off because your date won't give you a chance to speak, don't get quiet and moody about it, a behavior Chrisler dubbed 'resentful niceness'.

On the opposite shore he bade his guests a fond farewell and safe journey, then welcomed aboard another group of travelers.

Restoration of this historic landmark was undertaken in 1979 by proprietors Richard and Lulu Kiley.

Photo Credit: East Pierce Fire and Rescue This Sunday evening is a time of reflection for me. Given the wildland fire situation we are and will be facing the next couple months, and the stresses which will surely continue, my mind turns to those concepts we espouse in operational risk management.

Today we invite travelers from near and far to step back in time with us and experience the fine fare and hospitality guests at the Daniel Packer Inne experienced over 200 years ago.

Every date is a chance to learn something new and to hone your conversation (and flirting! If you really want to make some headway in your dating life, keep dating—and often!

Don't be afraid to fill your calendar with drinks, dinners, and coffee dates: the more you date, the more you'll become conscious of what you like and what you don't.

From that time to the late 1970′s the property remained in the hands of the Packer family and their descendants, The Keelers.

In the late 1700’s the Inne was a welcome landmark for weary travelers between New York and Boston who stop for the night to rest and would partake of the hearty bill of fare.