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Students are involved in decision making within the classroom in relation to what and how they learn and are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning.Team building skills are also explicitly taught so that students learn to collaborate, negotiate and contribute to joint assignments and experience the sharing of roles, responsibilities and ownership.Students actively participate in the negotiation of roles, responsibilities and outcomes.Such collaboration may also involve a whole class focus on related projects, such as an environmental project or community survey.This component is demonstrated by teachers: This component involves students collaborating on meaningful tasks and responses to questions.While the teacher uses strategies (such as cooperative learning strategies and strategic selection of groups) to establish an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration, the focus is on the meaningful learning.

Curriculum related information is currently being reviewed and may be subject to change.

Learning may involve a negotiation between prior views and knowledge and public knowledge found in the curriculum.

A range of student competencies and potential for future learning may be untapped in classrooms.

A variety of teaching strategies are used to accommodate the range of abilities and interests, and to encourage diversity and autonomy.

This component acknowledges that the classroom should be an interesting place and suited to a wide range of dispositions.