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May lead to Half Human Hybrids or to a Non-Human Lover Reveal if one member was keeping secrets.

If society does not approve of such romance, then it's also Maligned Mixed Marriage.

In the USA Network television series White Collar, he played Josh Roland in the episode "Where There's a Will".

He also played Scotty O'Neal in the movie My Best Friend's Wedding.

In 2012, Masterson had a guest role on the TBS series Men at Work as a concierge named Archie.

His brother, Danny Masterson, plays Milo, on the show, although the two did not share any scenes together.

Sometimes they are Humanoid Aliens, or they can be a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire and a human, two Funny Animals, or a Beast and Beauty couple.

Laura Prepon looks to have gotten herself a summer fling.

Masterson played Geoff in the direct-to-video movie Dragonheart: A New Beginning, the sequel to Dragonheart.

Masterson is best known for playing the character of trouble-making Francis in the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. In 2003 he played Edward Linton in MTV's Wuthering Heights.

“When I'm working, it's next to impossible,” she told Cosmopolitan in 2014.

“I like to think I'll just be walking down the street one day and stop and meet someone, like, ‘Oh, my God, you're awesome,’ and then we start dating.