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Instead, she began her career with the improbable combination of journalism and accounting as majors.She went on to become a full-time journalist for secular papers for ten years before becoming a freelance journalist for many Catholic papers, writing regularly for the Fort Collins’s as a restaurant critic for five years, which would later serve her business well.Attend social networking at the hottest singles party.

Not long before her epiphany, she had attended a Theology on Tap event in which Archbishop Charles Chaput, then the archbishop of Denver, was giving a talk and said that he wished he could select the attendees’ spouses for them so they wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore, and she heard people saying things like, “I wouldn’t mind that.” The kernel of an idea was planted.You can meet potential dates at a singles event or singles activity.Meet single volunteers, meet dates at charity fundraiser, singles wine tasting, dining club or dance.DENVER – Ask any single person over 30, or under 30 for that matter, and you’ll get the same answer: Dating isn’t easy.Luckily, people can go to the same place for help where they go for almost everything else these days, which is the internet.