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This is the rarest of Abe's recorded works, originally released as a private issue in a plain white sleeve on the Osaka Sound Works label in 73/74.The early-70s were Abe's most prolific and inspired years and this live set from 1972 is a stone classic, a powerfully focused set of solo saxophone that works the molten flow of his brain and fingers into lines of dense, ferocious beauty, from drooling, all-out blurt to exactingly articulated ice-cold blues. Never surfaces, this one is the 1 “ACID TEST” (Sound City) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint).Aggressive, wild, going berserk while shouting “My paintbrush is a rocket” which gets carried away in a maelstrom of electronic sounds, a tsunami of noise and assorted debris and we are talking 1961 here!!This is noise avant-la-lettre, but not like the noise salon bourgeois kids shit out these days, this on the contrary is quite mind alteringly innovative, rich in sonic texture and challenging upon spinning it. original pressing and impossible to score these past few years!!Hell yes, it makes me move around like a cannonball, grooving to an intoxicating mix of demented lunacy and sultry madness. APPEL, KAREL: “Musique Barbare” (Philips Records – 99954.1 L) (Record: Near Mint/ Hard Cover Jacket with Picture Book: Near Mint/ Attached Picture Book: Near Mint). Very first pressing on PHILIPS, not the second issue that came out slightly later on The World’s Window. In 1961, Jan Vrijman made a movie about COBRA expressionist painter Appel and the artist himself provided the soundtrack to it, completely erected and recorded with devises set up according to his directions in the electronic music studio of the Utrecht University.

Hideously rare, has been 7 years since I last saw a copy.Alongside noise guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi, the late saxophonist Kaoru Abe was in the vanguard of Japan's new music, articulating an approach to the saxophone that matched extreme velocity with an elastic facility with the instrument's most phantom registers and a sculptural approach to instant composition that saw him carve poignant shapes from massive blocks of silence.Abe died too young on September 9th, 1978 at the age of 29.I've always been fascinated by Karel Appel, the Dutch "Abstract Expressionist" and founder member of COBRA.That collective's stuff pushes at the boundaries of the acceptable, it takes Expressionism down one of it's ill-trod paths, towards a scatalogical, wilfully out-of-control naiveity.