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What could be better than dating a musically talented mega-star Prince Charming of your own? Everyone fantasizes about which celebrity they’d love to date, and it’s completely normal. Take our quiz to find out which pop music icon would be perfect for you, and then brag to all your friends because they’re going to be super jealous that you snagged a famous boyfriend.We're bringing you the joy of speed dating, minus the hassle of all that talking to women stuff and pretending to be interested in what their little brother does for a living and whatever lame hobbies they may have. We've gathered a collection of some sexy and some not-really-so-sexy ladies together and given you the enviable task of choosing which ones to date and which ones to dump.Now then, quit being a reader and start being a dater or dumper.At the end, you can return to being a reader, as we'll tell you which famous player you are (if you didn't blow up our servers). Swift is unstoppable on the music charts partly thanks to her many relationship successes and failures, which have fueled her songcraft.How you judge which ladies to date or dump is up to you.You can base it on their looks (of course), the amount of money they make (wish I could find me a sugar mama so I didn't have to write quizzes for a living), or even whether they have a nice personality (haha, yeah right).

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Hilton has had dozens of relationships over the years, beginning with the likes of Edward Furlong of Terminator 2 fame and advancing to the likes of River Viiperi and Chris Zylka of no-one-freaking-knows fame.Find out which guy is your perfect prom match with this fun quiz!Certain British actors rouse powerful emotions around the world, and in the fallout from those highly charged celluloid encounters, it’s perfectly reasonable to imagine what a crush might be like as a life partner.You can picture them playing with the kids, teaching them iambic pentameter and the finer points of sarcasm, and generally being the kind of sharp-witted, sharp-cheekboned life partner that anyone would be proud to walk down the aisle with.The question is, which British celebrity is right for you?