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According to Andis Kaulins of, `Bal' meant Pole and `Nuaran', River of Light, thus linking the site to the Milky Way and designating Balnuaran as the centre of the heavens from which the ancients could chart the stars.There are forty-five other cairns in the Inverness-Nairn valley which form a definite pattern corresponding to the planets.

Get a divers view of the huge predators that lurk in depths of the Coral Sea.

Professor Bradley concluded that the entire site was originally constructed "during a single phase" but this only means that the stones and the cairns were erected at once and sheds no light on whether the ring and cup marks were a part of the rituals which may have been observed there.

Digs at the site have revealed bone fragments indicating that this site, like others, was also a burial ground.

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