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The rumour that they have split was highlighted several times but both denied and claimed it was a rumour.However, when the website contacted Roshan recently he said that he and Chaturika have decided to go separate ways based on mutual understanding.The Sahan -- Purnika marriage has produced a 3 year old son and by now the two of them are living separately and courts have ordered separate dates for Sahan and Purnika to look after the child separately, it was reported.Following is what Sahan told about all about this yesterday to a weekend newspaper. But under legal limitations I can say from the standpoint of some legal restrictions. it's those who are guilty who should express those ideas.Chaturika and Gayan are at the moment acting in a popular tele drama named ‘Sepalika’.The tele drama got them closer to each other the source revealed.Physiologically, the buttocks enable weight to be taken off the feet while sitting.

Apart from the divorce, a legal case of settling matters related to the house, the vehicle and other things has now been filed.

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This phenomenon which remained a secret so far has been exposed by Sahan in public to a weekend newspaper and as such its secret is no more.

This separation in fact was reported to us last September of an instance of her licentious behaviour and that she was caught inside a certain flat in the company of a popular programme presenter of Rupavahini channel and who has won a name in the music field as well.