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Their past is a beautifully broken love story that Nicholas Sparks can’t even write.The moment she trusts you to find out the stories that define her past, I guarantee you will fall in love with her.That is why dating is so hard for some, so when you come across a girl who seems completely undatable, there’s a reason for it, and here are some of the challenges you’ll face. She’s a runner The moment you show remote interest in her, she’s going to try and find a reason it won’t work.She’ll take off out of fear of what could be reminded only of flashbacks of when she did let someone in. She won’t believe anything you say She’s been conditioned to believe guys only say things with prior motives in mind.It's important that you tell them - as often as needed - that they're not alone!Try to always communicate in a way where they don't feel any kind of judgment or pressure from you, but instead they feel that you trust them and they can come to you if they decide to do so.She will encourage you to better yourself, and suddenly slowly each of your plans will change as you make the decision to include each other in your life; but be careful when you do, because when you fall in love with girls like these, be prepared for your life to change in ways you never thought that they could. Both addiction and depression need to be taken very seriously, and the key is to ensure your loved one that you'll always be there if and when they need you.

Most people have stories of heartbreak, while other people are completely defined by these stories, and until you hear them firsthand, beginning to end, you will never truly understand a person.

Before you can ask for what you want, you have to First, begin to ask for what you want from yourself. If you want to be kinder, more open, more outgoing and courageous then slowly begin to ask yourself to take those risks. If you want to be accepted then begin to ask for it. Learn to ask for what you want and start with yourself.

Keep asking yourself for what you want until you give into yourself and finally do it. We believe that things will never change, and that the past predicts our future. We believe, most detrimentally, that if others really knew us they wouldn’t like us. In relationships I used to give political and ambiguous answers when asked tough questions.

Again, both addiction and depression is a symptom of a much deeper issue, and in order to be able to get out of them, the root issue needed to be found. Hope this helps and please let me know if you would like to chat further.

I'm not a professional therapist, but I had many friends in the past who went through serious addiction and depression, so happy to share my learning lessons with you.. Thank you for paving the way for so many women in the entertainment industry.