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In April 2008, Amanda Righetti was cast as the female lead in the slasher film Friday the 13th (2009).

Production ended in June 2008 and the film was released in theaters on February 13, 2009.

Her 2012–13 pregnancy was not reflected in her character's storyline, during which she was filmed using selective angles and largely limited to desk duty."As we get closer to Red John [the murderer whom the team is hunting], all of the team members will start thinking about their major life decisions.That applies to both Lisbon [Robin Tunney's character] and Grace.Amanda Righetti is best known for her role as Grace Van Pelt on The Mentalist, as well as her roles in Friday the 13th and The O. The youngest of eight children, Amanda Righetti was born on April 4, 1983 in St.George, Utah, and raised in Nevada, outside Las Vegas.