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Furthermore, both assessment scales reflected the changes in impairment and functional limitation over time in a similar way. Characterizing speech and language pathology outcomes in stroke rehabilitation. NARIC Accession Number: J50101 ABSTRACT: Study describes the outcomes associated with speech-language pathology (SLP) services provided during stroke rehabilitation among patients with aphasia, based on data from the Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Outcomes Project (PSROP), a multi-site study of stroke rehabilitation outcomes. Stroke impairment predictors of discharge function, length of stay, and discharge destination in stroke rehabilitation. NARIC Accession Number: J49434 ABSTRACT: Study examined the relationship between stroke-related impairments and rehabilitation outcomes.The findings suggest that the scores one scale can be predicted from the other in the acute and subacute phases of stroke. Data were analyzed for 397 patients receiving post-stroke SLP services at 5 inpatient rehabilitation facilities participating in the PSROP. The relationship between number of stroke risk factors and recurrence of strokes during rehabilitation was also evaluated.In this edition of re Search, the topic of aphasia and stroke is explored.While the main search terms were aphasia and stroke the combined total of the NARIC, ERIC, Pub Med, CIRRIE and the Cochrane database descriptors was 143 terms.The selected regions were significantly activated in both patients with aphasia and controls during overt word generation. The aphasia handbook: A guide for stroke and brain injury survivors and their families. Studies investigating the efficacy of speech and language therapy for aphasia after stroke were reviewed.

Finally, there were five systematic reviews from the Cochrane Library search ranging between 2004-2000. Sixty-seven stroke patients with aphasia who were undergoing a conventional speech and language therapy program participated in the study.

Analysis of syntactic abilities revealed that the HD subjects produced significantly more grammatical errors than both the NS and control subjects and that the NS group performed in a similar manner to control subjects.

These findings are considered in terms of current theories of subcortical language function.

Approximately 90 terms were shared between all five databases.

A sample of these terms is listed below: Research in the area of stroke rehabilitation is extensive.