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In order to take advantage of these extensions your client needs to support them. Webchat users are already aware but for the rest of you this is news.Last week we switched to a different webchat interface.If you verify our certificate fingerprints note that these will change, we will tweet out the new certificate fingerprints after the upgrades are complete.Due to recent revelations leaked from a three letter agency we have taken some steps to improve security of the TLS in use on our web resources.IRCv3 is an attempt to modernize the IRC protocol and make it more efficient.

You can join our network using your own IRC client or our webchat. You will only be able to negotiate TLS versions 1.2.

This upgrade is meant to offer users better privacy when using TLS assuming their client negotiates a strong cipher.

We will be using only 4096 bit RSA keys, and certificates with SHA256 hashing after this upgrade.

For those that can still express themselves then please send messages of support and more importantly stories about how much owen touched your life.

All we can do is keep up the good fight that he started and try to keep his dreams alive.