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In 2001, Baldwin played a leading role in the television film Double Bang which aired on HBO.

Since then, Baldwin has played in other projects such as Red Rover in 2003, Park, Feel and Lenexa, 1 Mile in 2006, Adrift in Manhattan, A Plumm Summer, Noise, and Humble Pie in 2007.

In 2011, Baldwin starred in the Lifetime Original Movie, The Craigslist Killer which aired January 3, 2011.

He plays the lead detective on the case of the killer, Philip Markoff, who connected with victims through Craigslist ads placed in Boston, Massachusetts.

His 2004 film Art Heist received much attentions when its released on DVD.

Baldwin has continued to act in films and on television, but has not taken many leading roles.

Baldwin was also featured with his brother Daniel in Uni Globe Entertainment's breast cancer docu-drama, 1 a Minute.

The documentary was made by Namrata Singh Gujral, and will feature breast cancer survivors Olivia Newton-John, Diahann Carroll, Melissa Etheridge, Namrata Singh Gujral, Mumtaz, and Jaclyn Smith, Daniel Baldwin and Priya Dutt.

Together, they have three children: daughter Jameson (born 2000), son Vance (born 2002), and daughter Brooke (born 2004).

The episode opened with Kate Mc Kinnon reprising her role as the Democratic nominee as she squared off against Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump in a spoof of the first presidential debate, which occurred the previous Monday."When Mc Kinnon came out with the walker, I thought I was going to fall off my chair," Clinton told A. Crew's New Balance Collab It wasn't just Mc Kinnon's portrayal that garnered Clinton's praise, however, as she called Baldwin's take on Trump, "perfect".

She went on to praise Mc Kinnon's theatrics, saying, "I wish I could do the jumps, the splits, the somersault." The 68-year-old Presidential nominee then promised that she was "working on it" and as for the next debate? Read more: Style Notes: Hillary Clinton's Response to 15-Year-Old's Body Image Question; J.

Baldwin was cast in the second season of Parenthood to play a boss and love interest for several episodes.

Baldwin joined Parenthood for a multi-episode arc that aired in fall 2010 as Gordon Flint, the "wealthy, charismatic" boss of Adam (Peter Krause), a bachelor who also has eyes for Adam's sister Sarah (Lauren Graham).