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I am looking to find a woman who posses the loyalty and qualities that separate her from what today's society in the U. I'm a single fil/Am tattoo artist/body modifications specialist.

I'm 45 but still look 30 ;)...i love to travel, very spontaneous, cheesey but funny sense of humor, I wear my heart on my sleeve, what you see is what you get but I am full of fun and surprises... I'm looking for a Filipino woman who wants a long term relationship with a American man.

( totally disagree with the above reviewer's comments. "American Singles" did not catch me my mate, even when I paid and had a pic.

This is one (American Singles/ that does not qualify as such.

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In male/male dating, they did not allow me to put "top or bottom," which is a huge factor in gay male dating and romance.

There were guys online with my same zip code, but few didn't want to pay to respond... Seems this site was a waste of both money and time. Also, I was "spammed" onto the site originally, from illegal adbots on yahoo chats. Note that there is no incentive to commuinicate on this site...