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They dated for three months and had unprotected sex at his residence in Fort Wayne and at her home in Wabash, she said.Then she broke up with him when he told her that his ex-wife had moved in with him, according to court documents.Have you ever been to a poetry reading where the guy goes on and on and on in a monotonal voice about something so abstruse and uninteresting you want to scream? Or someone who writes these pretentious, self-important, highly allusive, allegorical poems you lose interest in after the title?

purchase: Out Of Print The Seedy Underbelly of the Highfalutin' Oversoul First Press: January 2006 / Second Press: January 2007 info: Half of a split chap coupled with Oren Wagner's The Last Redcoat, this is Steve's first released chapbook that includes material published in various small press magazines, including material that first appeared in Quercus Review, Barbaric Yawp, The Cliffs: Soundings, The Chiron Review, Hazmat Review, Staplegun and Pearl. 2 By Alan Catlin Steve Henn chimes in with an intriguing combination of print and vinyl.

A third woman also contacted the Indiana State Police in Bremen in February saying that her ex-boyfriend, Spoor, had been arrested on a charge of malicious mischief.

She said she met Spoor at the end of 2014 on a dating site and in October 2015 went to Fort Wayne to have consensual unprotected sex.

It was the second woman’s ex-husband who told her he found out Spoor was infected with the HIV virus on the internet.

She went to Planned Parenthood to check her health.