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Individuals must, however, submit the proper documents and arrange payment for the applicable fees set forth by the department.DMV currently issues two types of DMV non driver ID cards, including a regular credential and a senior citizen card.By buying a Ticket and/or gift voucher, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

Contrary to requesting a driving license, CA DMV ID card applicants will not be obliged to pass any tests.Learn more about how and where to submit your ID card application in California in the following sections.Submitting the proper documents for ID card credentials is one of the steps to receive this form of identification by the state DMV.The following list outlines the necessary DMV ID card paperwork that state residents must submit to the department: Individuals requesting a new ID card in California have the option to submit their current license to drive, birth certificate, valid or expired passport or other documents to verify their date of birth and legal presence.Also, if they had a recent change of name, they must provide an additional document proving the name change.