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This is required to implement the Read operation for any JSDO accessed by the Kendo UI Data Source, allowing it to use its server preprocessing features.

Rollbase also relies on a similar JSON Filter Pattern to preprocess the data read by Rollbase external objects. parameter, assigning any that are found to corresponding ABL variables.

For Open Edge data, this can be an is the name of your ABL Invoke operation method. i Max Rows = json Object: Get Integer("top") NO-ERROR. BUFFER tt Customer: ATTACH-DATA-SOURCE(DATA-SOURCE src Customer: HANDLE). DATA-SOURCE src Customer: FILL-WHERE-STRING = c Where. DEFINE VARIABLE json Object AS Json Object NO-UNDO.

Unlike for the Read operation, you might have to change the default URI when you use Developer Studio for Open Edge to annotate this ABL method as an Invoke operation. CONSTRUCTOR PUBLIC Customer(): DEFINE VAR h Data Source Array AS HANDLE NO-UNDO EXTENT 1. Should be in table order as defined in Data Set */ h Data Source Array[1] = DATA-SOURCE src Customer: HANDLE. i Skip Rows = json Object: Get Integer("skip") NO-ERROR. l Use Reposition = i Skip Rows "" THEN BUFFER tt Customer: HANDLE: BATCH-SIZE = 1. IF l Use Reposition THEN DO: h Query = DATA-SOURCE src Customer: QUERY. IF id "" THEN DATA-SOURCE src Customer: RESTART-ROWID(1) = TO-ROWID ((id)).

If after trying this example, you receive a "not defined" error on the "Dim db as Database" declaration, you will need to follow some additional instructions.

When we first created Access Services in Share Point, we set out on a mission to enable both information workers and developers to quickly create data centric web applications with little or no programming.

I'm trying to process the updated data from the form like this: $.ajax(); When the request is processed I get this error back: UPDATE access on type 'Users' denied for anonymous user.","error Code":603 Also tried the javascript SDK but had the same result. There is no problem logging the user in and getting the access token.For more information on Rollbase external objects, see the following Rollbase documentation: The Developer Studio for Open Edge does not currently generate all the annotations to configure the Data Service Catalog or the behavior in a Business Entity that are required to provide Open Edge data to a Kendo UI Data Source using its server preprocessing features, even when you use an Express Data Object project.Therefore, you must manually update the Business Entity with additional annotations and code to: parameter value of the Data Object Read operation method as an Open Edge-proprietary JSON Filter Pattern (described below).FIELD Cust Num AS INTEGER INITIAL "0" LABEL "Cust Num"FIELD Name AS CHARACTER LABEL "Name"FIELD Address AS CHARACTER LABEL "Address"FIELD Address2 AS CHARACTER LABEL "Address2"FIELD Balance AS DECIMAL INITIAL "0" LABEL "Balance"FIELD City AS CHARACTER LABEL "City"FIELD Comments AS CHARACTER LABEL "Comments"FIELD Contact AS CHARACTER LABEL "Contact"FIELD Country AS CHARACTER INITIAL "USA" LABEL "Country"FIELD Credit Limit AS DECIMAL INITIAL "1500" LABEL "Credit Limit"FIELD Discount AS INTEGER INITIAL "0" LABEL "Discount"FIELD Email Address AS CHARACTER LABEL "Email"FIELD Fax AS CHARACTER LABEL "Fax"FIELD Phone AS CHARACTER LABEL "Phone"FIELD Postal Code AS CHARACTER LABEL "Postal Code"FIELD Sales Rep AS CHARACTER LABEL "Sales Rep"FIELD State AS CHARACTER LABEL "State"FIELD Terms AS CHARACTER INITIAL "Net30" LABEL "Terms"For access by a Rollbase external object, you must implement the Business Entity to provide its data as a Pro Data Set with only a single temp-table, as shown in this example. THIS-OBJECT: Pro Data Source = h Data Source Array. @progress.service.resource Mapping(type="REST", operation="read", URI="? filter=~", alias="", media Type="application/json"). IF filter BEGINS "~{" THEN THIS-OBJECT: JFPFill Method (INPUT filter). For access by the Telerik Platform, you can implement the Business Entity to provide its data either as a single temp-table or as a Pro Data Set with one or more [email protected] FILE(name="Customer.cls", module="App Server")[email protected] FILE(type="REST", execution Mode="singleton", use Return Value="false", write Data Set Before Image="false")[email protected] FILE(name="Customer", URI="/Customer", schema Name="ds Customer", schema File="Customer/App Server/customer.i"). ELSE DO: BUFFER tt Customer: HANDLE: BATCH-SIZE = 0. DEFINE VARIABLE json Parser AS Object Model Parser NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE l Use Reposition AS LOGICAL NO-UNDO.